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Designing and Packaging for Sterile Medical Products: Contact Lenses

Globally, contact lenses are a $9.6 billion (USD) industry that’s expected to grow to $15.2 billion over the next decade. Much of that has been made possible by silicone hydrogel […]

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Autoclave Training Tips with Instructional Support Technician Kelly McVey

Kelly McVey is an Instructional Support Technician for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University, Fullerton. There, she’s trained hundreds of people in safe autoclave use, with […]

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Do You Really Need “Clean Steam”?

Autoclave buyers are again wondering if their water and steam is “clean” enough. This is likely due to the publication of ISO/TS 5111:2022, or “Guidance on quality of water for […]

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New Autoclaves at Medlab 2023

On stand Z3 A18 at Medlab* 2023, Priorclave, a British autoclave design and manufacturing company has the opportunity to highlight the extent of recent changes.  Priorclave autoclaves are now inclusive […]

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Priorclaves are Ideal Education Autoclaves Because We Put Safety First

Many students are terrified of their lab’s autoclaves—and not without cause: autoclave accidents are much more commonplace in North America than elsewhere. Sadly, there’s an argument to be made that […]

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Autoclave Explainer: Single-phase vs. Three-phase Power

While searching for lab equipment, you likely noticed that some devices specify “single phase” power, while others note that they run on “three phase” power. And in all likelihood you […]

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2022 Christmas Break

British Autoclave manufacturer Priorclave would like to thank customers, staff and agents for their continued support throughout 2022 and Wish all A Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year. During the […]

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2022 Xmas Donation Supports MND

Priorclave continues its support of worthwhile charities, especially at this Festive time of year. Part of the donation comes from monies the company would have traditionally spent on Christmas Card. […]

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The Role of Soil Sterilisation in Phytoremediation of Contaminated Soil Studies

Phytoremediation technologies use living plants to capture contaminants throughout the environment. But the phytoremediation of contaminated soil as a way to recover land previously damaged by human activities is proving […]

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Like Water for Chocolate: The Role of Steam Sterilisers in Cocoa Bean Processing

People are often surprised to learn that steam sterilisers play any role in chocolate production. But the fact is, making chocolate is a bit more disgusting than you’d expect. The […]

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Building Infrastructure, Unpleasant Surprises, and the Hidden Costs of Buying New Autoclaves

As you compare autoclaves for your lab, you may find some manufacturers are quoting prices that seem extremely attractive. This is especially the case when you factor in recent supply […]

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting (an Autoclave)

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy with us? Is the nursery ready? When you’ve invested in a Priorclave floor model autoclave, you’ll want to prepare your install site […]

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