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Energy Efficiency and Cylindrical Autoclaves

This past spring, a 2020 article in Labmate Online came to our attention: “Energy Efficient Autoclaves —Misconceptions and Misunderstanding.” Owing to our longstanding interest in energy efficient autoclaves and sustainable […]

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Types of Autoclaves: Choosing the Right Chamber

There are so many types of autoclaves — not just in terms of autoclave processes (dry heat, steam, etc.). There are also seemingly small differences—like size, orientation, and chamber type—that […]

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Research-Grade Autoclaves: Saving Water on University Campuses

The west coast has been experiencing record-breaking drought conditions for over three years. According to the Wall Street Journal, many of the United States’ best-loved brands (e.g., Facebook, MillerCoors, etc.) […]

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Sustainable Labs: Small Changes Make Big Impacts

Around the U.S., regions, states, and cities are introducing new initiatives, legislation, consumer campaigns, and equipment upgrades to increase efficiency and lessen resource demands. This is increasingly necessary as southwestern […]

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Want to Find the Most Energy Efficient Autoclave?

As we noted in our previous post, two factors determine the energy efficiency of your autoclave: The autoclave’s steam source and its chamber shape.  Steam source is perhaps the easiest […]

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Animal Research Facilities Save Water, Save Money, and Do Better Research

Animal research facilities go through a lot of water. From cage washing to steam sterilization, their water consumption is higher than most laboratories. And that’s not bad—as anyone who has […]

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Circle Beats Square in Efficient Autoclave Design

Rectangular-chambered medical autoclaves were all we had in North America for decades. Designed for round-the-clock use at hospitals, the medical-grade autoclave is undeniably robust and good at what it does, […]

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