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Priorclaves are Ideal Education Autoclaves Because We Put Safety First

Many students are terrified of their lab’s autoclaves—and not without cause: autoclave accidents are much more commonplace in North America than elsewhere. Sadly, there’s an argument to be made that […]

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Autoclave Parts: Lower Costs, Increase Safety, Assure Smooth Operations

Priorclave autoclaves are long-lived workhorses. That’s not because they never need maintenance or repair, but because we’ve designed them to make maintenance and repair easy. Any competent technician can keep […]

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Improve Autoclave Safety: Five Best Practices for 2020

People doing their everyday jobs sometimes forget the power of the tools they use. You become inured to their risks, and go on autopilot.  Those are the moments where accidents […]

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Research Lab Autoclave Safety: Sealed Bottles are Bombs

In August of 2001 a research lab autoclave was processing tightly capped 178 bottles using a 30-minute liquid load.  The autoclave began making unusual sounds, so a trio of lab […]

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Research Lab Autoclave Safety: Bad Doors and Autoclave Explosions

  WARNING: These are disturbing pictures of research lab autoclave accidents. There is blood. What happened?  A lab tech loaded an older-style autoclave, began the cycle, and walked away to […]

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Quality, Reliability, & Safety

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Cost-Effective Safety Testing and Quality Control for Cosmetic Manufacturers

Although regulations and standards for cosmetic manufacturing in the US are often characterized as sparse, FDA statistics have confirmed for many years that this is one of the safest product […]

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The Raw Deal on Milk Safety

Despite the fact that we carry tiny computers around in our pockets and drive cars that know where they are going, Americans still do not have a consensus on the […]

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Food Safety Inspection Is the Front Line of Public Health

Check your reservations; tonight might be a night to dine at home. A few minutes of googling can save you a long, dark night (try searching “restaurant inspection reports” and […]

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Food Truck Food Safety: On the Road to Redemption

Can you trust the nosh you buy from food trucks? Once known as “roach coaches,” the twenty-first century marks a new era for food trucks. But have they shed their bad reputation […]

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GM Food Safety Testing Safeguards Against Allergies

It\’s not science fiction: Genetically modified (GM) food has been on the market for twenty-two years. Nonetheless, debates about safety for human consumption are far from settled. The World Health […]

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of US Food Safety

Germs are everywhere. Keeping the dangerous ones out of our stomachs is the explicit job of manufacturer food safety testing programs. With the abundance of technology available for testing and […]

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