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Research Labs Can Save Energy, Money — and the Planet

Climate change doesn’t require your belief. Even if you want to bicker about causes, the effects are undeniable: melting polar ice rising ocean levels intensifying weather events shifting habitats warmer […]

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Choose Your Lab Equipment with Conscience Intact

For a quarter of a century you’ve been able to buy a kitchen fan that the EPA and Department of Energy have verified is efficient, even though 45% of the […]

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Fighting the Spread of African Swine Fever — Without Creating New Crises

African swine fever is a disease without cure or treatment that has a 90% mortality rate in pigs.  It’s currently affecting parts of Africa, Eastern Europe, and Western Asia, killing […]

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Some Like It Hot—And Some Want to Save Energy and Money

Have we squandered our natural resources beyond the point of no return? NOAA has monthly recorded record high temps across the planet for more than a year. It can’t all be […]

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