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We built our first autoclave in 1988–and that unit is still in regular use today.  What’s the secret?

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

We keep the parts count low to remove every complication that might become the source of a problem:  Fewer moving parts to seize up; fewer heating coils to break; fewer sensors to fail; time-tested chamber engineering; a rugged, flexible, fully programmable computerized control system.  

The result: less water wasted, less electricity consumed, less time spent on maintenance and repair, greater value at lower cost. Explore our double-door/pass-through autoclaves, horizontal autoclaves, benchtop autoclaves, and other equipment perfect for both industrial and laboratory applications.

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The best way to ensure your industrial autoclave performs to your specification is to have it built to your specifications. Our team will explore your sterilization needs, then help you determine the right configuration of the right model for your tasks, facilities, and requirements.  That autoclave will then be hand built, from start to finish, in our London factory. We are one of the very few autoclave manufacturers in the world who retain complete control of their supply chain. We manufacture all of our principal components in-house–including our pressure vessels and programmable control systems.

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We back our reliable design and quality construction with one of the best customer support programs in the industry.  A large portion of autoclave issues can be resolved remotely–which is why Priorclave is pleased to offer free lifetime technical support and consultation.  We also maintain a global network of Priorclave-exclusive distributors and factory-certified authorized service agents (ASAs). Need help now? Fill out a service ticket from anywhere in the world and hear back within one business day.

Our goals are simple:

Reliability. Flexibility. Programmability. Affordability. Safety.

But most importantly, we want to give you the Support you need to get your work done. Wherever you are, we are as close as a phone call or mouse click.

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Douglas Watts


Visitors to the Priorclave stand 1F03-2, on the Gambica Pavilion at Medica*, will be the first to have the opportunity to see new models in an autoclave development programme.  There […]
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Douglas Watts

New Autoclave Range from Priorclave at Lab Innovations

Later this year, on stand B72 at Lab Innovations*, British autoclave manufacturer Priorclave is expected to reveal details of entirely new research and laboratory grade autoclave ranges. The company will […]
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Douglas Watts

Export Manager Joshua Walker Picks up Gambica Award

Joshua Walker, Export Manager at Priorclave, has won the Gambica 2020 Young Talent of the Year award. Josh joined Priorclave in 2018 with core responsibilities within the export department.  As […]
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Trusted All Around the World

We have nine Priorclaves on our campus, and they live up to the energy and water conservation promise. The Priorclave team is always responsive—from sales to service. You can count on them to be there.
- Phil Berriman, Lab Equipment Specialist
We’ve been really happy with the design and performance of our Priorclave — kudos to you and your team for an excellent product!
- Peter Kuhlman, Professor
We are very satisfied with our Priorclave unit. It is so dependable and maintenance-free that we are starting to forget what our campus repairman looks like.
- Vicki Selinger, Lab Coordinator
Customer service from Priorclave is first class. I would recommend their equipment to anybody. After sales and service contracts also first class.
- Bob Salvage
You guys are TOP NOTCH! I am obviously a faithful Priorclave customer for life.
- Joan Morra, Metallurgical Engineer
Priorclave’s holistic approach to sustainability is unique in the life sciences industry. Not only do their products use 70-80% less energy and water than most autoclaves, the company has also shown leadership in sustainable manufacturing and in developing a recycling program for their products.
- Allison Paradise, Executive Director
As a large Biology Department of more than 300 teaching and research staff we have bought 6 Priorclave autoclaves over the last 3 years. The Priorclave autoclaves have consistently performed in all areas for ease of use, reliability and value for money.
- Lucy Hudson
We’ve been engaged in a research project with our chemistry department and they absolutely loved your equipment. They’re actually in the process of building a new lab and are considering one of your products.
- Tim Matthews, Laboratory Technologist
We found that your autoclaves used 81% less energy and 93% less water than our old ones with the steam jackets. The savings is huge for our campus.
- Delphine Faugeroux, Lab Coordinator