autoclave accessories for steam autoclaves by priorclave

These additional items simplify many daily tasks or replace lost or damaged accessories that came with your autoclave. Unsure what you need to get your job done? Give us a call; we’re happy to help you specify the perfect device and process for your facility.

Baskets, Containers, Cassettes

autoclave discard containersLoading Cassettes

Loading Cassettes are fitted with a middle shelf and can be manufactured to be raised or lowered in 50mm (2”) increments to best suit a given load.

Loading Baskets

Stacking baskets are included with all top-loading Priorclaves (three baskets with the vertical 150L and larger; two baskets with the smaller models). Baskets are also available for front-loading autoclaves.

Discard Containers

For most applications we recommend our standard discard container, which has a leakproof bottom and low profile (less than 200mm, or 7¾”), ideal for many sterilization scenarios in both standard models and those with vacuum pumps. (Custom and lidded discard containers are also available.)

Trolleys & Hoists

autoclave trolleysLoading Trolleys

Designed to be used in conjunction with a loading cassette. All loading trolleys are custom built. They are large enough to accommodate a full autoclave load and can be fixed-height or adjustable (an optional hydraulic scissor jack raises the tray between bench height and the desired loading height). The stainless-steel loading runners are adjustable, smoothly mate with the lower shelf of a front-loading Priorclave, and are fitted with a retaining latch to hold the Loading Cassette in place up to a slope of 15º. All trolleys have large diameter swivel casters and locking rear wheels.

Benchtop Mounting Trolley

This sturdy cart is ideal for our smallest benchtop autoclave, the Priorclave 40L, and built to standard bench height. Available with optional locking swivel casters and/or lower shelf.


autuoclave hoistsOur Loadlite electric hoist (with custom mounting assembly) considerably reduces the risk of materials handling-related mishaps when loading or unloading vertical (top-loading) autoclaves. Safely lifts loads of up to 25kg (55lbs) with push-button ease.

Monitoring Accessories

Load Sense Probe

Replacement temperature probe with durable finish and communications cable.