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For general laboratory and research sterilizing applications we have developed more than 60 standard models and with an extensive range of options we can tailor the build program to match your specific requirements.

That said, every lab is unique in what processes and procedures take place – some requiring a more sterile working environment than others, there may even be air locks for staff to pass through, extracting, cleansing and renewing the air, a system in operation where high risk conditions are the norm.

In a similar manner, some laboratories need to have a secure, clean exit path for its waste media so that it can be safely discarded.

Maintaining a Secure Sterile Path

For such applications we build pass-through (also referred to as double-door) laboratory autoclaves and research sterilizers.  Every pass-through autoclave maintains that critical sterile path in and out of sealed laboratories.

These front-loading autoclaves are a unique build requiring the inclusion of a bulkhead enabling the sterilizer to be fitted into a dividing wall, separating the lab from the outside world. By far the best way to achieve this is to involve Priorclave early in the planning process, including site surveys and/or the supply of detailed drawings.  Our extensive expertise could make a positive contribution to improving lab efficiency.

Each pass-thru’ autoclave incorporates a chamber that is open both ends, allowing for doors at either end.  Since each laboratory will have different requirements – doors to be hinged to swing left or right, location of electrical, water and drain services, dual or single Tactrol controls – final manufacture therefore requires full details of the proposed location and operation routines.  This is where our extensive autoclave know-how benefits the customer in creating the most practical and effective double-door autoclave design.

These robust designs must have an uncompromising level of safety that includes interlocks preventing the simultaneous opening of both doors.

To ensure the sterility of a busy laboratory several factors must be considered to maintain a safe working environment.  There is no perfect off-the-shelf answer since every laboratory, every application and every location will have differing requirements and goals.

It is always best to seek expert – contact Priorclave before making a major investment.  We provide FREE advice and a no obligation assessment of your specific requirements.

Autoclaves Suitable for Mycology & Mushroom Farming

Many of our customers also use Priorclave autoclaves for mycology and mushroom farming. If your team is working on genetic studies and DNA synthesis with Neurospora or Physarum genus fungi as model organisms, our sterilizers are equipped to handle the needs of your laboratory, including culture media/substrate sterilization. Priorclave laboratory autoclaves are able to provide the pressure and temperature levels required for mycology labs and mushroom farming without the resource intensiveness of a traditional hospital autoclave.