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autoclave for medical laboratory and pharmaceuticalYour research is important. The medicines, therapies, and medical devices you develop today stay with people for the rest of their lives. You deserve the right tools to get the job done—and few medical-grade sterilizers are up to the task. A research-grade sterilizer offers the features you need—reliability, programming flexibility, cycle logging and verification—without straining your budget.

Medical Autoclaves Aren’t for Medical Research

Even if you are developing pharmaceuticals or a medical device, you do not want a hospital autoclave. Such medical-grade units are optimized for near-constant, high-demand operation, and thus are extreme resource hogs that can be extremely expensive to purchase, maintain, and operate (the total lifetime cost of a medical-grade sterilizer is often three to four times that of a comparable research-grade model).

autoclave double door steam autoclave by priorclaveSmaller medical autoclaves aren’t a much better fit for a research lab. Cheap tabletop medical sterilizers are designed for small clinics, dentist’s offices, and the like. They can make a clean dental probe sterile, but they rarely allow operators to do anything other than run the unit’s three or four factory-defined pre-set cycles. In essence, these small medical autoclaves are nothing more than FDA-approved toaster ovens—and unreliable ones at that: When faced with the demands of lab operation, “economical” tabletop units often start breaking down within 12 months.

Autoclaves Suitable for Mycology & Mushroom Farming

Many of our customers also use Priorclave autoclaves for mycology and mushroom farming. If your team is working on genetic studies and DNA synthesis with Neurospora or Physarum genus fungi as model organisms, our sterilizers are equipped to handle the needs of your laboratory, including culture media/substrate sterilization. Priorclave laboratory autoclaves are able to provide the pressure and temperature levels required for mycology labs and mushroom farming without the resource intensiveness of a traditional hospital autoclave.

The Autoclave That Grows With You

Priorclave’s research-grade autoclaves are built to be efficient, reliable, highly flexible, and offer years of steady service with no service contract.

asme quality certificationEven our smallest autoclave has an ASME-stamped 316L stainless steel vessel and is outfitted with our fully programmable Tactrol Control System. Our popular Tactrol system is capable of everything from a quick sterilization cycle (among the quickest verifiable sterilization cycles available from any research-grade autoclave) to complex, fully logged month-long auto-repeating cycles with customized temperature fluctuations.

Shifting gears from development to production doesn’t mean putting your trusty Priorclave work-horse out to pasture. These same small steam autoclaves are used throughout North America for quality assurance, stability testing, and accelerated durability studies (aka “destructive testing”).

Your research is important. It deserves an autoclave designed for doing important research.

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