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How Will You Use It?
Traditional sterilization of supplies, instruments, and waste (including used growth media, samples, and contaminated items). Especially suited to growth media preparation of all kinds. Consider an autoclave with “Delayed Start” and “Media Warming” functions.
Accelerated Aging
This has different names in different industries: “accelerated life-cycling testing,” “accelerated durability studies,” “destruction testing,” “stability testing,” “accelerated shelf-life testing,” etc. All call for a research-grade autoclave with precise and accurate temperature controls, stable pressure, and a programmable control system capable of detailed logging and automatic cycle repeat.
Product Testing
This includes a wide variety of testing and quality control activities, such instrument and supply sterilization (before or after use), waste disposal, life-cycling and shelf-life testing, destructive testing, material stability testing, etc. All call for a robust autoclave design and flexible control system.
What Materials?
All bagged waste, regardless of biological contaminant.
Plastic & Glassware
All reusable plastic tools, instruments, and labware. (If your primary concern is destroying single-use plastic goods, choose “Waste.”) All laboratory glassware.
Mixed Waste Tubing, Pipettes
Sealed Containers
All reusable plastic tools, instruments, and labware. (If your primary concern is destroying single-use plastic goods, choose “Waste.”)
Cans, Pouches
All types of culture/growth media, including (but not limited to) nutrient broths, agar-containing media, high-glucose-content media, other nutrient media, differential media, transport media, indicator media, selective media, and delicate media containing sodium deoxycholate, bile salts, or other inhibitory agents and additions.
Liquids, Waste Fluids
All lab instruments (metal, plastic, or combination), including those with electronic components.
Porous Loads
This includes paper goods and porous loads.
Wrapped Instruments, Soil, Clothing
What Orientation?
Top-loading autoclaves (also called “vertical autoclaves”) are preferred for life-science research. Easily accommodate the tallest flasks, fermentors, and bioreactors (at one-third the price of comparable front-loading autoclaves). Excellent for large-batch waste processing. Same door gaskets and temperature/pressure interlocks as front-loading models.
Priorclave’s benchtop autoclaves pack the performance and quality construction of a full-size, freestanding industrial autoclave into a footprint that fits any workspace. A quality research-grade benchtop autoclave offers all the flexibility, ease-of-use, and reliability that a small lab needs.
The most familiar autoclave configuration (Also called “horizontal autoclaves”). Priorclave hinged doors have silicone gaskets (more reliable and affordable than pressurized gaskets) and redundant pressure/temperature interlocks that prevent the door from being opened unsafely.
Also called “pass-through.” These autoclaves all have a horizontal design with doors at either end, so items can be safely transferred between sterile and non-sterile areas. Both hinged doors have silicone gaskets, redundant pressure/temperature interlocks, and mechanical double-door interlocks that prevent accidental quarantine breach.
How Much Capacity?
40 - 60L
These are “benchtop” or “tabletop” sterilisers. A 40L autoclave accommodates 40 125mL flasks, three 2L flasks, or two racks of test tubes. A 60L autoclave will process more than 60 125mL flasks, five 2L flasks, or four racks of test tubes.
100 - 200L
Preferred by smaller labs, high schools, and community colleges. These autoclaves are under 30 inches (740mm) inches deep. All top-loading autoclaves are in this size range, and are excellent for taller flasks. Front-loaders have two removable shelves and can accommodate 4 to 6 racks of test tubes per shelf.
320 - 400L
Front-loading autoclaves more than 40 inches (1020mm) deep. They can hold 6, 8, 12 or more racks of test tubes per shelf, as well as flasks taller than 14 inches (355mm), slant racks, or multiple large waste bags. Best suited for higher-throughput labs or industrial applications.
What Heating Source?
House Steam
Your autoclave will come ready to connect to your existing house steam supply. In some facilities and applications this arrangement can prove very efficient; in others it creates maintenance challenges.
Heating In Chamber
Your autoclave will come with in-chamber heating elements. These allow for steam-on-demand, with minimal maintenance, greater reliability, and lower costs.


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