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Why Priorclave?

Reliability. Flexibility. Programmability. Safety.

But most importantly, Priorclave provides the Support you need to get your work done.

Research laboratories worldwide try Priorclave steam autoclaves because we offer high degrees of reliability and programming flexibility in an affordable package. They keep using Priorclaves because our autoclaves keep running, year after year.


Reliability, control, safety, savings.


Meeting the demands of research and industry.


Lower up-front and ongoing costs.


Best-in-business protection.


Accreditation and certification that ensures quality.


Our customers speak for themselves.


Stay up-to-date with the autoclave industry.

About Us

Innovators in builds, operation, and service.

A Unique Autoclave

What makes Priorclave unique isn’t just exclusive wedding of a traditional cylindrical pressure vessel to an advanced programmable control system, sealed with Biomaster Protected® Antimicrobial Surfaces—although these do help assure long years of smooth operation.

What’s truly unique is our process, from our initial conversations–establishing all of your requirements, in terms of your work, your facilities, your locale, and more–through the all-hand assembly of your unit in our London facility.  We want to learn everything we can about your lab, staff, programs, and projects so we can support that work for years to come.

We're Here to Help

Wherever you are, we are as close as a phone call or mouse click. Need help now? Fill out a service ticket from anywhere in the world and hear back within one business days.

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