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Autoclaves for Test

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Laboratory Autoclaves & Autoclave Testing

autoclave testing laboratories by priorclaveMost laboratory autoclaves currently on the market are repurposed medical-grade autoclaves–provided by medical suppliers, and optimized for clinics and hospitals.  They are great for processing flat trays of medical instruments at all hours, day and night. But they rarely prove reliable and flexible enough for the rigors of the testing laboratory.

A Laboratory Autoclave Designed for Testing

Priorclaves are built from the ground up for testing and research.  Our autoclaves don’t just take something clean and makes it sterile.  A Priorclave takes anything–instruments, samples, growth media, a circuit board, a waste load–and raise it to a specific temperature and pressure for minutes, hours, days, even months.

autoclave top loading steam autoclaveThe advanced Tactrol Control System makes it possible to precisely vary temperature mid-cycle–something that’s simply not possible with most affordable medical sterilizers or old-fashioned “pressure cooker” autoclaves. Every one of our units–from the smallest tabletop unit to the largest custom pass-through model–is capable of extended cycles (up to 999 minutes), cycle repeat (up to 999 consecutive iterations), and precision cycle-by-cycle programming.  One client, a tire manufacturer, uses their Priorclave to periodically run a single precisely programmed 48-hour long cycle. Another tests the longevity of next-generation surgical instruments by running them through hundreds of back-to-back sterilization cycles.

Exceptional Lab Autoclave Support

autoclave customer testimonials by priorclaveThe real difference isn’t just in the autoclave; it’s in the support:

Priorclave customers consistently report 93% to 100% satisfaction with their purchase over the course of years–with that rating improving the longer they’ve owned the unit. In our most recent customer satisfaction survey, most owners rated installation and first use “very satisfactory,” with more than a quarter calling it “delightful.” More than 90% of our current customers report that they would almost certainly buy another Priorclave, and recommend our autoclaves to colleagues.

Priorclave North America is pleased to offer free lifetime technical support and consultation and one of the best warranty programs in the industry. Priorclave also maintains a network of factory-certified authorized service agents (ASAs) across North America.

Wherever you are, we are as close as a phone call or mouse click.