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Autoclave Warranty

Every Priorclave autoclave comes with a 36-month/10,000 cycle limited parts-and-labor warranty, a 20-year pressure vessel warranty, and unlimited lifetime technical support. Three-year service contracts are available to ensure warranty compliance. All Priorclave autoclaves comply with current US, UK, and EU safety regulations.

Standard Priorclave Warranty

Our 36-month/10,000 cycle parts-and-labor warranty (whichever comes first) covers all core components and every operating feature.  Parts are furnished from our Michigan warehouse, and service provided by our international network of factory-certified authorized service agents (ASAs).

This warranty excludes damage due to neglect, misuse, improper maintenance, accidents, spillage, or the effects of a hard water supply. It also excludes consumable components, like printer paper and door gaskets.

Please be aware that improper installation, commissioning, and third-party repair work can potentially result in damage to your autoclave or unsafe operating conditions. As a result, installations or repairs performed independently could invalidate your warranty. Neglect or improper maintenance or operation are determined at the discretion of the manufacturer. This is why we offer a variety of service and maintenance plans through our authorized service agent (ASA) network.

Warranty Registration

To help protect your autoclave, we want to offer you access to our Authorized Service Agent (ASA) network as soon as possible. If you register and install your autoclave within 90 days of delivery, we will activate your free 36-month warranty.*

*If not registered within 90 days of delivery, a standard 12 month warranty applies. Proof of proper installation required.

To register the warranty on your Priorclave, please fill out the form below. Expect a confirmation letter confirming the details of your warranty.

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