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Priorclave’s Unique Autoclave Features

Priorclave North America offers the original “research-grade” autoclave. Unlike FDA-approved “medical-grade” sterilizers, Priorclaves are not intended for human applications or terminal sterilization. Instead, our steam autoclaves are designed for research labs that run 1 to 5 cycles per day–wet and dry loads, media and waste, quality assurance, and destruction testing. A single cycle can be as short as an hour or longer than a month.

Cylindrical Chamber (Up to 400 Liters)autoclave heating in chamber

Pressure vessels, by nature, are round. The rectangular chambers found in medical-grade units require significant reinforcement to maintain the integrity of the vessel, so they’re larger in size and cost from the start. Autoclaves with cylindrical chambers are smaller in footprint, simpler in design, and more natural when it comes to heating and cooling. They’re tough to overstuff and afford better steam circulation with no cold corners.

No Steam Jacket or External Steam Source Required

Unlike most freestanding units, Priorclave brand autoclaves generate their own steam in the chamber using heating elements submerged in a shallow reservoir of water. When it’s time to run a load, you turn it on. It tops itself up with a liter or two of water between cycles. When it’s not in use, it doesn’t draw any water or energy. The on-demand Priorclave design means reduced installation, maintenance, and operation costs.

By contrast, the bigger names in North American sterilizers come with rectangular chambers and steam jackets that use up to four gallons of water per minute, or 90 to 180 gallons of water per cycle–whether or not they’re in use.

The biggest difference with and without a steam jacket? A 25% lower purchase price and an 80% (or greater) reduction in operating costs when compared to same-capacity, same-capability rectangular autoclaves.

Hinged Door with Solid Silicone Gasket – No Sliding Door

autoclave quality steam autoclaves by priorclaveWe keep our autoclaves simple to avoid problems that can cause downtime in your lab. For example, our swinging doors with solid silicone gaskets create a seal between the chamber and door through compression when the door is closed by the operator. The gaskets last for years with little maintenance, and they’re quick and inexpensive to replace (we include one in your spares kit).

The sliding door design associated with medical-grade autoclaves depends on external steam or air to inflate a pneumatic gasket and form the door seal. It’s expensive and time consuming to replace the gasket, which can be necessary once or twice per year. 

Simplicity of Pipework and Separate Solenoid Valves for Easy Maintenance

The Priorclave 316L stainless steel vessel and copper pipework design are simple and efficient, providing a lifetime of service, with a minimum of maintenance – the first recommended preventative maintenance visit is after cycle number 500. After the initial installation and commissioning by a Priorclave Authorized Service agent, maintenance can be performed by your staff or trusted technician (we’ll even train them).

Tactrol® Custom Control

autoclave programmable option by priorclaveThe programmable Tactrol Control System makes it easy for users to create precise custom cycles without sacrificing “one-button Start” simplicity. Program cycles on the fly or in advance. Tactrol supports multiple levels of user access, with options for separate lab tech and intern/student programs. Program modifications can be keyswitch or password protected.  

Researchers especially appreciate Tactrol’s Delayed Start and Media Warming features. Growth media can be prepared overnight and kept ready-to-pour when you arrive the next morning–without risk of thermal degradation, caramelizing high glucose media, or boil-overs.

Biomaster Safety

autoclave biomaster surfacesAll external panels have Biomaster Protected® Antimicrobial Surfaces, providing a second line of defense against cross contamination. Biomaster surface coatings have been tested in thousands of applications, and are proven to reduce microbial contamination (including bacteria, mold, and mildew).

Biomaster is the recognized industry leader in inorganic silver-based antimicrobials. Each of their surface treatments is individually formulated and independently tested for safety, longevity, and durability. Biomaster coatings don’t leach, can’t be washed off, and remain effective for the life of the product. Priorclave is the only manufacturer to offer lifetime protection with Biomaster Protected® Antimicrobial Surfaces.

Three-Year Warranty and Authorized Service Agent (ASA) Network

Priorclave autoclaves in North America come with a 36-month limited parts and labor warranty, a 20-year pressure vessel warranty, and unlimited technical support. A service contract is recommended, but not required, to ensure the continuance of the warranty.

With the built-in USB port, we often can troubleshoot and make changes remotely to avoid service calls all together. If you opt for a Preventative Maintenance service contract or need help on-site, we support an international network of factory-trained Authorized Service Agents (ASAs). Parts are furnished from our Michigan warehouse.