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autoclave pricing by priorclave

Priorclave offers the most competitive autoclave prices in North America for mid-size and large research sterilizers.  In contrast to many industrial autoclave prices, our quoted prices include a spare parts kits, an optional maintenance contract, free lifetime technical support, and an unparalleled warranty—everything you need to have your autoclave working for years.

Top-Loading Autoclave Pricing

autoclave top loading steam autoclaveThese are our #1 top-sellers worldwide. Especially popular with life-science research because they accommodate the tallest flasks, fermentors, and bioreactors (not to mention large waste loads) at one-third the price of a comparable front-loading autoclave.

  • 60L Top Loader: $16 – $20,000 USD
  • 100L Top Loader: $24 – $28,000 USD
  • 150L Top Loader: $26 – $30,000 USD

Benchtop Autoclave Pricing

autoclave benchtop steam autoclave by priorclavePriorclave benchtop and tabletop autoclaves are not the little dental units you might find in a medical clinic or tattoo studio.  These are fully programmable pieces of precision lab equipment, with every feature of its larger cousins.

  • 40L Benchtop: $14 – $18,000 USD
  • 60L Benchtop: $16 – $20,000 USD

Front-Loading Industrial Autoclave Prices

autoclave front loading steam autoclaveOur cylindrical-chamber design is especially advantageous as you move into mid-sized and larger front-loading autoclaves.  By eliminating corners, the cylindrical vessel improves steam generation and circulation while reducing the total part count. The result: Lower purchase prices and much lower lifetime operating costs.

  • 100L Front Loading: $24 – $28,000 USD
  • 150L Front Loading: $26 – $30,000 USD
  • 200L Front Loading: $28 – $32,000 USD
  • 320L Front Loading: $34 – $38,000 USD

Pass-Through Autoclave Pricing

autoclave double door steam autoclave by priorclaveOther autoclave manufacturers are new to double-ended pass-thru autoclaves. Priorclave has been here all along. We offer a variety of flexible pass-through choices with all of the sophisticated containment and safety features you expect from units twice as expensive.

  • 150L Pass-thru: $36 – $40,000 USD
  • 200L Pass-thru: $38 – $42,000 USD
  • 320L Pass-thru: $44 – $48,000 USD