autoclave pricing of steam autoclaves by priorclave

autoclave two year warranty by priorclavePriorclave offer the most competitive autoclave pricing in the world for custom mid-size and large research sterilizers.  In contrast to many industrial autoclave prices, our quoted prices include free lifetime technical support and one-year warranty—everything you need to have your autoclave working for years. For UK customers, Priorclave is proud to offer two-year and five-year Extended Warranties. All Extended Warranties include installation and bi-annual scheduled maintenance visits. (All parts and labor are included in the Extended Warranty.)

The autoclave prices shown below are quoted in UK pounds sterling and presume delivery within the UK. International buyers should note that sales outside the UK may incur extra costs, including packing and shipping charges, onward shipping costs, local tariffs and duties applicable at the destination country, and so on.  Please contact your local distributor for details. If your area does not yet have a Priorclave-exclusive distributor, please feel free to contact our office directly for assistance.

Top-loading Autoclave Pricing

autoclave top loading steam autoclave by priorclaveThese are our #1 top-sellers. Especially popular with life-science research because they accommodate the tallest flasks, fermentors, and bioreactors—not to mention large waste loads—at one-third the price of a comparable front-loading autoclave. Larger models can be fitted with either in-chamber or external steam generators.  Vacuum options available on all models.

  • 60L, 85L, 100L, 150L, and 200L capacities: £9,000 to £19,500

Benchtop Autoclave Pricing

autoclave benchtop steam autoclave by priorclavePriorclave benchtop and tabletop autoclaves are not the stripped-down dental sterilizers you might find in a medical clinic or tattoo studio.  These are fully programmable pieces of precision lab equipment, with every feature of their larger cousins, including on demand in-chamber steam generation, vacuum cycle options, and more.

  • 40L and 60L capacities: £8,000 to £13,000

Front-loading Industrial Autoclave Prices

autoclave front loading steam autoclaves by priorclaveOur cylindrical-chamber design is especially advantageous as you move into mid-sized and larger front-loading autoclaves.  By eliminating corners, the cylindrical vessel improves steam generation and circulation at a lower part count. The result is a reduced purchase price and much lower lifetime operating costs.

  • 100L, 150L, 200L, 320L, and 400L capacities: £13,500 to £30,500

Rectangular Front-loading Autoclave Pricing

autoclave rectangular steam autoclave by priorclaveIdeal for high-throughput operations, or those requiring a larger chamber volume. Available in a wide range of custom configurations: in-chamber or external steam generation, vacuum models, vertical sliding power doors, steam/water jackets, etc.

  • Rectangular Chambered Autoclaves
    • 230L, 350L, 450L, and 700L capacities: £24,250 to £43,250
  • Power Door Rectangular Chambered Autoclaves
    • 230L, 350L, 450L, and 700L capacities: £33,500 to £58,250
  • Steam- and Water-Jacketed Autoclaves
    • 230L, 350L, 450L, and 700L capacities:  £27,000 to £58,750

Pass-Through Autoclave Pricing

autoclave double door steam autoclave pass through by priorclaveOther autoclave manufacturers are new to building custom research-grade pass-through autoclaves.  Priorclave have been here all along. We offer a variety of flexible pass-through/doubled-ended choices with all the sophisticated containment and safety features you expect from units twice as expensive.

  • Cylindrical Chambered Pass-Through Autoclaves
    • 150L, 200L, 320L, and 400L capacities: £22,750 to £37,250
  • Rectangular Chambered Pass-Through Autoclaves
    • 400L, 450l, and 700L capacities: £40,500 to £58,750