Autoclaves for Construction

Double Door Autoclave by Priorclave

Partnering with General Contractors and Construction Managers

autoclaves for contractors and developers by priorclaveWhy is This GC Smiling? Because He Got His Client a Priorclave

Every construction project is different, but they all have a few things in common:

Tight timelines, tight budgets, poor communication, scheduling headaches, change orders, and lots of details left to be “sorted out later.” It’s a liability nightmare.

At Priorclave North America, we understand the jam you’re in. That’s why we go out of the way to make sure general contractors and construction managers end up with the right autoclave for their job.

Easy on the Bottom Line, Especially on Tricky Jobs

autoclave rectangular steam autoclave by priorclaveMost of the lab autoclaves installed in the US are off-the-shelf medical-grade units. These are high-maintenance devices designed for a small set of FDA-regulated tasks, and built for around-the-clock in-hospital operation. They are great for keeping the operating rooms stocked with scalpels. But they are very expensive–often twice the price of a same-size research-grade autoclave. And they don’t do a great job at most of the tasks researchers and industrial quality assurance departments need to do. In fact, the number one autoclave complaint from research and industrial facilities is “reliability.” This is usually the result of having an expensive medical-grade autoclave instead of a robust research-grade autoclave.

Priorclave North America specializes in research-grade autoclaves. Every autoclave we ship is custom built for research and industrial use. While most customers will want one of our “standard models,” if your client needs something a little different–faster cooling, more program memory, even a totally unique solution–we can make it happen.

Extreme Customer Satisfaction

autoclave testimonial by priorclave100% of our customers have rated their Priorclave as “satisfactory” or above–with that rating improving the longer they’ve owned the unit. They likewise report 100% satisfaction with the installation process and first use of their autoclave. In our most recent customer satisfaction survey, most owners rated installation and first use “very satisfactory,” with more than a quarter calling it “delightful.”

Why are Priorclave Owners so Satisfied?

First and foremost, our autoclaves Just Work: They are optimized for research tasks (which can be hard on autoclaves), so our users have an easier time getting their work done, and suffer fewer service outages. More importantly, we work closely with the end-user and contractors prior to the factory beginning fabrication. An improperly specified autoclave can wreak havoc with utility bills, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality–it will literally rot the drywall out. Priorclave makes sure that the unit we ship will integrate well with the building systems, especially utilities and HVAC.

Hassle-Free Sales and Installation

Priorclave North America was founded by a construction sub-contractor. He understood the headaches that come with coordinating schedules and trades, shipping errors, communication breakdowns, and managing client expectations. That’s why we make it our business to be sure to get all the facts early on, shepherd every job through installation and commissioning, and stay in touch with every Priorclave user in North America.