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Quality, Reliability, Safety — Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity

In response to healthcare demands for high-throughput heavy-use sterilizers, steam autoclaves have become increasingly complicated devices.  As a consequence, while throughput has increased, reliability has plummeted.

Priorclave is bucking the trend by building reliable autoclaves specifically designed to meet the demands of research and industry, not healthcare.

Simplicity Ensures Reliability

autoclave benchtop steam autoclave by priorclaveBy embracing simple, time-tested design principles, Priorclave has contained costs while increasing performance and reliability.  A simple design minimizes the number of moving parts, valves, and heating coils, and minimizes the number of operations these components perform during each cycle. This in turn both minimizes and simplifies maintenance.  

Not only do Priorclave autoclaves have a longer maintenance cycle than similar sterilizers, but those maintenance outages are much shorter (usually taking half to one-quarter as long as similar maintenance on comparable autoclaves). Additionally, many technical issues can be resolved over the phone or by email, and most regular preventative maintenance can be performed by the end user.  Anyone can learn to maintain a Priorclave–and we are ready and eager to prepare you to do so, with minimal muss and fuss.


At Priorclave, the safety of your staff and students comes first. Priorclave is one of the very few sterilizer manufacturers in the world who retain complete control of their supply chain, manufacturing all critical components in-house. This includes our electronic control systems, which are consistently lauded for their robust build-quality, ease-of-use, reliability, safety, and easy auditing.

Biomaster surface protected priorclavePriorclave is also the only manufacturer offering Biomaster Protected® Antimicrobial Surfaces.  While the inner chamber of your autoclave is rendered sterile with every cycle, warm exterior panels and other outer surfaces can harbor pathogenic colonies.  Biomaster’s revolutionary antimicrobial coating incorporates an active agent, and is effective against bacteria, mold, and mildew, preventing cross-contamination. No other sterilizer manufacturer offers this level of safety, both inside and out.

Keeping it Simple

It all comes back to simplicity–which is why we build each autoclave to the end user’s specifications.  If you don’t need a steam jacket or powered door, then your autoclave won’t have one. If you do need enhanced cooling, filtration, or another feature, it will be fitted.  Having an application-specific sterilizer doesn’t just reduce the purchase price of your autoclave by eliminating features of no use to you. It also results in a more reliable autoclave that’s, safer easier to use, and costs much less to own, operate, and maintain.

Ensuring Quality & Safety

autoclave iso 9001 certified at priorclavePriorclave Quality Assurance:

  • An ISO 9001 Quality Management System, covering:
    • Boilers and Process Plant Fabrication
    • Prevision Machining and General Fabrication
    • Electrical Instruments and Control Systems
    • Equipment Installation and Service
  • Full EMC Compliance Testing
  • Monitored approval of vessel design and welding procedures to the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC
  • UKAS Accreditation as a Calibration Laboratory

Priorclave Safety Standards

  • All pressure vessels are manufactured in-house and tested to 1.5 times their maximum working pressure
  • All Priorclave doors are fitted with pressure and thermal interlocks – cannot be opened before the chamber has cooled and depressurized
  • Door retention devices guarding against residual pressure are fitted in accordance with the UK Health and Safety Executive’s note PM73
  • Regulation safety valves (BS6759) are fitted to all Priorclaves and set to ensure microbiological as well as physical safety
  • Non-tip shelves are fitted on all front loading models