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Many veterinary and animal-research facilities in Great Britain still rely on medical-style rectangular-chambered autoclaves. But if you process more than just flat trays of medical instruments or large cages and vivariums, then buying a rectangular-chambered autoclave can prove to be a costly mistake.

Most rectangular-chambered autoclaves are optimized for medical settings and tasks.  They are excellent at quickly sterilizing clean medical instruments. But they do so at a high cost, using extremely large volumes of water–even when sitting idle–and relying on difficult to service proprietary components.

The ideal veterinary research autoclave will be optimized for reliability and efficiency in a veterinary setting.  It will have a flexible control system–saving you time with automated cycles, but still able to evolve to meet your changing needs.  Such an autoclave meets your specifications because it is built to your specifications.

Efficient, Reliable, Affordable Veterinary Autoclaves

Many of our research customers report 80% and 90% reductions in utility use when they switch to a cylindrical-chambered Priorclave research autoclave.

Why do Priorclaves perform so well?  Because every Priorclave research-grade autoclave begins with a conversation. Our team will explore your sterilization needs, and help you determine the right configuration of the right model for your tasks, facilities, and requirements. If you don’t need a steam jacket or powered door, then your autoclave won’t have one. If you do need enhanced cooling, exhaust filtration, monitoring, or another feature, it will be fitted.  Matching users to application-specific autoclaves doesn’t just reduce the purchase price of your autoclave by eliminating features of no use to you. It also results in a more reliable autoclave that costs much less to own, operate, and maintain.

Increased Safety, Lower Risk