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Priorclave is one of the very few sterilizer manufacturers in the world who retain complete control of its supply chain by manufacturing all principal components in-house. Other autoclave manufacturers have bolstered profit margins by outsourcing many components—including the fabrication of pressure vessels—to the developing world. Priorclave continues to make its own chambers exclusively in our Southeast London facility. These high-quality 316L stainless steel vessels meet both European standards and the stringent standards of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

autoclave testing certified iso steam autoclavesAll Priorclave autoclaves comply with national US, UK, and EU safety regulations. They are manufactured under an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system in our UKAS-accredited facility. Our autoclaves and control systems are ETL listed and EMC certified, and feature ASME-stamped pressure vessels. These pressure vessels are manufactured entirely in-house, and tested to 1.5 times their maximum working pressure. They have full insurance approval for pressure vessel design and construction and are CE Marked under the Pressure Equipment Directive PD5500:2000 Cat 3, Certificate Number SS42059010-2 Rev 1. They also conform to the general requirements of BS 2646 and are CE Marked for BS EN61010-2-41, Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Ensuring Quality

autoclave iso 9001 certified by priorclavePriorclave’s manufacturing incorporates:

  • An ISO9001 Quality Management System covering:
    • Boilers and Process Plant Fabrication
    • Precision Machining and General Fabrication
    • Electrical Instruments and Control Systems
    • Equipment Installation and Service
  • Full EMC Compliance Testing
  • Monitored approval of vessel design and welding procedures to the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC
  • UKAS Accreditation as a Calibration Laboratory

Priorclave Safety Standards:

  • autoclave ukas quality testedAll Pressure vessels are manufactured in-house and tested to 1.5 times their maximum working pressure
  • All Priorclaves are fitted with pressure interlocks
  • To protect against certain hazards when sterilizing liquid loads, all Priorclaves are fitted with thermal interlocks (BS2646 requires a device preventing access until the load is cooler than 80°C)
  • Door retention devices guarding against residual pressure are fitted in accordance with the UK Health and Safety Executive’s note PM73
  • Regulation safety valves (BS6759) are fitted to all Priorclaves and set to ensure microbiological as well as physical safety
  • Non-tip shelves are fitted on all front-loading models

Autoclave Quality Certificates

Priorclave holds the following accreditations and certifications:

CRN (Canadian Registration Number)

  • Alberta: H150, H320
  • British Columbia: C40, H60, V100-150
  • Ontario: H150
  • Québec: C40, H60, V100-150

European Standards