Autoclaves for Test

autoclaves fro testing laboratories by priorclave

During the past decade, companies have increasing put-out their sterilising requirements to independent contract laboratories.  To satisfy their customer demands they need a range of autoclave, ones that are not only able to achieve high performance sterilising processes but models that are durable and offer extreme levels of reliability.  Failure to sterilise means potential loss of business and credibility.

A Laboratory Autoclave Designed for Testing

The Priorclave brand of laboratory autoclaves is designed and produced in Priorclave’s own dedicated manufacturing centre.  We have developed more than 60 standard models that include benchtop, top and front-loading machines, powerdoor and stackable autoclaves.  We have also introduced an extensive range of options and accessories, these give us the flexibility to create a ‘unique’ autoclave matched to your sterilising requirements.

Our laboratory autoclaves are successfully sterilising items such as media preparation, liquids and diluent, waste, glassware instruments and pieces of apparatus, all typically found in industry sectors such as food and beverage, healthcare, veterinary, pharmaceutical, dairy, as well as education and research centres.

Every one of our units–from the smallest benchtop autoclave to the largest custom pass-through model, is capable of extended cycles (up to 999 minutes), cycle repeat (up to 999 consecutive iterations), and precision cycle-by-cycle programming.

One client, a tire manufacturer, uses their Priorclave autoclave to periodically run a single precisely programmed 48-hour long cycle. Another tests the longevity of next-generation surgical instruments by running them through hundreds of back-to-back sterilization cycles.