Steam Autoclaves by Priorclave


About Priorclave Autoclaves

Since 1988 the Priorclave in-house design team have brought leading-edge design and practical autoclaving solutions to often neglected markets: research, education, industry, and innovators on every continent.

Innovators in Autoclave Design and Build

autoclave custom engineering by priorclaveLow loading heights, compact designs, modular construction for easy upgrading, thermal safety locks and anti-microbial coatings as standard, media warming, vacuum assisted cooling, fully featured programmable controllers on all models and sizes–Many of these autoclave design and production innovations introduced by Priorclave are now a common features industry-wide.

These design elements help assure long years of smooth operation. But what’s truly unique is our process: From our initial conversations establishing your requirements (in terms of your work, your facilities, your locale, etc.) through the hand assembly of your unit in our London facility, we learn everything we can about you so that we can support your work properly for years to come.

Flexible Builds, Reliable Operation

steam autoclave repair and manufacturing by priorclavePriorclave have created one of the largest ranges of standard steam sterilisers–from compact bench-top front-loaders to free-standing top-loading and high capacity front-loading autoclaves, as well as custom power door and pass-through double ended machines, with chamber sizes from 40 to 700 litres. Every single unit is ETL-listed and EMC-certified, entirely manufactured in our UKAS-accredited facility, with CE-Marked, PED-certified pressure vessels. Units bound for the North American market feature ASME-stamped pressure vessels.

In contrast to many manufacturers (who rely on the economies of scale that come with strict assembly line production) every Priorclave is individually manufactured in our London facility.  We can incorporate any option into even the smallest machines, and eliminate unneeded functions, lowering costs and increasing reliability. We pride ourselves on designing and fabricating solutions for customers in any field, any nation, with any number of operational constraints or requirements.

Excellent Service Eliminates Worry

autoclave technical support repair by priorclavePriorclave have distinguished ourselves with one of the most comprehensive autoclave support and maintenance programs in the world.  All Priorclave installations are supported by a dedicated team of service engineers and advisors at our facility, who in turn support a global network of authorised distributors and service agents.  Every Priorclave comes with free lifetime technical support and an extensive warranty.

Priorclave operate a UKAS-accredited calibration laboratory, and issues UKAS accredited certificates for all calibration, thermal mapping, and performance qualification work.  You can rest assured that this will pass all audits with flying colours.

We’re Here for You and You and You

autoclave priorclave logo on autoclavePriorclave’s autoclave design and manufacturing centre in Britain is behind the success of the company’s global presence. It has shipped thousands of steam sterilisers, not only to locations in the UK, but also destinations as far afield as Asia Pacific, Middle East, and North and South America, with some notable installations in Russia, Papua New Guinea, Mauritius, and Ecuador. All autoclaves leaving the UK manufacturing plant are built under stringent production control policies to ensure they meet international standards that are recognised virtually everywhere.

The Priorclave brand has a trusted reputation for superior product support, performance, reliability, quality, and durability. Never hesitate to contact us directly: Our name is on the front of the autoclave, and we stand by every single Priorclave autoclave in the world.

Need help now? Fill out a service ticket from anywhere in the world and hear back within one business days.