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Right across the board, in both private and public educational sectors, where there is direct responsibility for spend, financial managers are continually looking to reduce costs, reigning in capital expenditure as well as ‘cost of ownership’, the latter taking into account maintenance, servicing as well as day to day running costs.

That is why, as a dedicated laboratory autoclave manufacture, we put a lot of effort and skill into ensuring we delivery robust, reliable and energy efficient steam sterilisers at an affordable price.  Plus, our extensive range of more than 60 standard sterilisers have something to offer everyone.

A proper research-grade autoclave is optimised for research activities: media preparation, glassware sterilization, waste load processing. It has a flexible control system so it can meet your evolving needs and is designed from the ground up to minimize costs by minimizing moving parts, unneeded ancillary functions, and resource consumption.

Flexible & Safe Teaching Autoclaves

Every Priorclave research-grade and laboratory autoclave starts with a conversation, identifying your specific sterilisation needs. Standard features such as pressure and thermal door interlocks, permission-based door release, Biomaster Protected® exterior coating, Media Warming and Delayed Start functions, and programmable “one-button start” with keyswitch or password protected cycles all contribute to a safer and easier autoclave for students, trainees and lab techs.

Priorclave is the only company actively promoting safe and effective autoclave use in curriculum. We build safety in at every level, from permission-based door release control systems to “quickseal” doors fitted with mechanical thermal and pressure interlocks. Priorclave autoclaves are safe enough to be used by schoolchildren.

Safe and Reliable Autoclaves for Education

Our goal is to provide universities, colleges, schools and other research and training facilities the equipment they deserve: For one major UK university up-grading to a Priorclave autoclave immediately strengthened its ‘green credentials’, slashing significantly energy costs and a massive 90% reduction in water usage

Reliable. Flexible. Programable. Affordable. Safe. But most importantly, we want them to have the Support they need to get their work done. Every laboratory and research grade autoclave we ship is backed by an unparalleled warranty, free lifetime technical support, and our international network of factory-certified authorized service agents (ASAs).

Wherever you are, we are as close as a phone call or mouse click.