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Flexible and Reliable Autoclaves for Manufacturing

When specifying or purchasing an expensive and complicated piece of equipment it is essential to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers and make an informed decision. With many decades of autoclave design and manufacture we have the expertise to build autoclaves matched to customer needs.

Within production and manufacturing companies where autoclaves are to play a key role it is important to think about what you are going to put into the autoclave.  This will ensure that the autoclave you buy has the best specification for the sterilising task, especially if you are going to have to prove this to a certifying body.

Through technical innovation and pioneering product development our vastly experienced teams of engineers and scientists have spearheaded the advancement in so many areas of autoclave design and this has been reflected throughout the product range.

Precision Testing and Production Autoclaving

The entire range of Priorclave autoclaves is designed to offer exceptional functionality and capability they handle anything–a soil sample, a batch of thermoset composites, a production prototype–and raise it to a specific temperature and pressure for minutes, hours, days, even months.

For example, Goodyear uses one of our autoclaves to determine the longevity of their steel-belted radials by running samples through repeated continuous 48-hour autoclaving cycles.  Sage Automotive Interiors uses their Priorclave autoclave for “aging testing” of automotive interiors–which need to put up with a decade of daily wear and tear, exacerbated by extreme temperature swings.  The U.S. Army does similar testing of their current and next-generation ballistic materials using a Priorclave autoclave.

The advanced Tactrol Control System makes it possible to precisely vary temperature mid-cycle. Every one of our units–from the smallest tabletop unit to the largest custom pass-through model–is capable of extended cycles (up to 999 hours each), cycle repeat (up to 999 consecutive iterations), and precision cycle-by-cycle programming.

Exceptional Support

The real difference isn’t just in the autoclave; it’s in the support:

Ensuring customers derive the full benefits of our autoclaves and maximise their sterilising process our dedicated service and support teams are always on hand; we offer free lifetime technical support and consultation and one of the best warranty programs in the industry. Priorclave also maintains a network of factory-certified authorized service agents (ASAs) in the UK and around the world.

Priorclave also hold UKAS accreditation as a Calibration Laboratory.

Priorclave autoclaves are designed to offer unrivalled reliability for many years, customers consistently report 93% to 100% satisfaction with their purchase over the course of years–with that rating improving the longer they’ve owned the unit. In our most recent customer satisfaction survey, most owners rated installation and first use “very satisfactory.”  More than 90% of our current customers report that they would almost certainly buy another Priorclave, and recommend our autoclaves to colleagues.

Wherever you are, we are as close as a phone call or mouse click.