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Autoclave Case Studies

Priorclave is proud to work with a diverse array of customers spanning many fields and applications.

We’re eager to match these organizations with an autoclave that meets their needs:  Rugged and reliable, outfitted with a precise, accurate, and flexible control systems. And we’re pleased to offer them outstanding satisfaction and support throughout their autoclaves lifetime.

Prosthetic Life Cycle Testing

autoclaves in use at laboratory priorclaveIn 2015 Blue Belt Technologies was working on a new robotics-assisted suite of tools to improve partial and total knee replacement surgery.  The system relied on several reusable components that must be sterilized after each procedure. These included an electrical sensor encased in a metal and plastic enclosure assembled with epoxy.  Blue Belt had a variety of concerns about how this device would hold up to repeated uses and sterilization. They wanted to run it through hundreds of sterilization cycles, but off-site services were expensive, and conventional autoclaves needed to be manually operated. Under these conditions, even a single testing cycle took months.  With our help, Blue Belt increased prototype testing throughput by 500%, doing months of testing in mere days. Learn how Blue Belt and Priorclave did twice the work in half the time.