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Supporting Architects and Lab Planners

Provide the Right Autoclave for Your Client

autoclaves for architectsArchitects and lab planners are getting crunched. Fast-track construction and modern procurement methods result in rushed drawings, insufficient prep, and unfulfilled client needs and goals. The assumption is that architects will play catch-up as the project progresses. Even architects specializing in lab planning, who are familiar with the regulatory and programmatic requirements of these spaces, struggle to stay abreast of developments in lab equipment and best practices. Midway through a fast-track project is no time to have to come up to speed on current developments in sterilization. A 10-minute conversation with one of our consultants will save you hours of fruitless Googling.

Rushing into Mistakes

autoclave benchtop steam autoclave by priorclaveFast-track schedules often result in labs that run poorly. In many cases, the lab that works well enough on day one has long-term–even critical–problems with ventilation, condensation, indoor air quality, and thermal comfort.

For nearly three decades, Priorclave has been specifying and building autoclaves for a wide range of research and industrial spaces. This can be as simple as offering a few tips about the best placement of a plug-&-play 40L benchtop sterilizer, to designing and manufacturing completely custom units to address specific research or architectural demands.

We approach every job not just in terms of meeting the users’ stated needs, but in also assuring that the unit integrates smoothly with the building’s mechanical and physical systems, to meet the larger goals of that facility. It’s an important part of our commitment to our customers.

Sustainability and LEED

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In contrast to some leading autoclave manufacturers, Priorclave doesn’t just talk a good game when it comes to sustainability and LEED. Instead of promoting spurious “efficiency” add-ons, we’ve designed highly efficient research-grade sterilizers from the ground up. Our autoclaves have a lower part count, wider operating parameters, and fewer service outages than competing medical-grade units. They put less load on buildings, making it much easier to build HVAC systems that meet or exceed your LEED targets.

Priorclave offers a variety of no-risk, plug-&-play autoclave solutions that meet both your design needs and your clients practical needs.