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There is one way to be sure that your lab autoclave will reliably perform to your specification: Have it built to your specifications.  

Every Priorclave autoclave begins with a conversation. Our team will explore your sterilization needs, and help you determine the right configuration of the right model for your tasks, facilities, and requirements. Then that autoclave will be hand built, from start to finish, in our London factory.  

If you don’t need a steam jacket or powered door, then your autoclave won’t have one. If you do need enhanced cooling, filtration, monitoring, or another feature, it will be fitted.  Matching users to application-specific autoclaves doesn’t just reduce the purchase price of your autoclave by eliminating features of no use to you. It also results in a more reliable autoclave that costs much less to own, operate, and maintain.

custom steam autoclave by priorclave

Our goal is to provide schools, researchers, and innovators around the globe with the equipment they deserve:

Reliable. Flexible. Programmable. Affordable. Safe.

But most importantly, Priorclave provides the Support you need to get your work done.

Custom Priorclave Support

Every single autoclave we ship arrives with everything you need to have your autoclave working for years: a spare parts kits, and an unparalleled warranty, free lifetime technical support, a global network of factory-certified authorized service agents (ASAs).  Wherever you are and whatever you need, we are as close as a phone call or mouse click.