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autoclave customers laboratoriesMost autoclaves are optimized for clinics and hospitals Autoclaves for Health & Personal Care.  Ours are optimized for everyone else: research labs and quality assurance department, food processors and dairy farms, universities and colleges, manufacturers and fabricators, government facilities and startup ventures. A Priorclave doesn’t just take something clean and makes it sterile. It takes anything–forceps, growth media, a circuit board, a waste load–and raise it to a specific temperature and pressure for minutes, hours, days, even months.

The advanced Tactrol Control System makes it possible to precisely vary temperature mid-cycle–something that’s simply not possible with low-end medical sterilizers or old-fashioned “pressure cooker” autoclaves. Every one of our units–from the smallest benchtop unit to the largest custom pass-through model–is capable of extended cycles (up to 999 minutes) and cycle repeat (up to 999 consecutive iterations).

Autoclave Users from Wide Array of Industries

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The current roster of Priorclave users includes public- and private-sector researchers, educators, testing laboratories, and innovators working in a wide array of fields: Infectious disease, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, food and beverage, quality assurance, veterinary sciences, environmental impact, and more.

Priorclave customers consistently report 93% to 100% satisfaction with their purchase over the course of years–with that rating improving the longer they’ve owned the unit. In our most recent customer satisfaction survey, owners rated installation and first use “very satisfactory,” with more than a quarter calling it “delightful.” More than 90% of our current customers report that they would almost certainly buy another Priorclave, and recommend our autoclaves to colleagues.

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Our relationship begins with a conversation, and it doesn’t end with us cashing your check. From the ground up, each Priorclave autoclave is built to be an industry leader in efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. If you need to harness heat and pressure to get your job done, we can help.

Douglas Watts

Priorclave Returns to Full Productivity This Week

This week (15th June), Directors of Priorclave are delighted to announce that its London based autoclave design and manufacturing plant returns to full productivity.  All support services including sales, service […]
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Douglas Watts

Priorclave gains Saudi Arabian FDA Approval for its Autoclave range

As a leading British autoclave manufacturer, Priorclave is delighted to announce that it has gained approval by the SFDA– Saudi Food & Drug Authority for its entire range of range […]
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Douglas Watts

Priorclave Announces short-term Factory Closure

From 25th March 2020 Priorclave has taken the decision with immediate effect to temporarily close its London based manufacturing plant and offices. Although UK Government guidelines on the current COVID-19 […]
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Trusted All Around the World

We have nine Priorclaves on our campus, and they live up to the energy and water conservation promise. The Priorclave team is always responsive—from sales to service. You can count on them to be there.
- Phil Berriman, Lab Equipment Specialist
We found that your autoclaves used 81% less energy and 93% less water than our old ones with the steam jackets. The savings is huge for our campus.
- Delphine Faugeroux, Lab Coordinator
We’ve been really happy with the design and performance of our Priorclave — kudos to you and your team for an excellent product!
- Peter Kuhlman, Professor
We are very satisfied with our Prioclave unit. It is so dependable and maintenance free that we are starting to forget what our campus repairman looks like.
- Vicki Selinger, Lab Coordinator
You guys are TOP NOTCH! I am obviously a faithful Priorclave customer for life.
- Joan Morra, Metallurgical Engineer
As a large Biology Department of more than 300 teaching and research staff we have bought 6 Priorclave autoclaves over the last 3 years. The Priorclave autoclaves have consistently performed in all areas for ease of use, reliability and value for money.
- Lucy Hudson
Customer service from Priorclave is first class. I would recommend their equipment to anybody. After sales and service contracts also first class.
- Bob Salvage
Priorclave’s holistic approach to sustainability is unique in the life sciences industry. Not only do their products use 70-80% less energy and water than most autoclaves, the company has also shown leadership in sustainable manufacturing and in developing a recycling program for their products.
- Allison Paradise, Executive Director
We’ve been engaged in a research project with our chemistry department and they absolutely loved your equipment. They’re actually in the process of building a new lab and are considering one of your products.
- Tim Matthews, Laboratory Technologist