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Microbrewery Autoclaves: Secure Flavor at the Push of a Button

You care about brewing, and getting solid, reproducible results. The only way to do that is to be sure that you know exactly what’s going into each batch. You don’t want stray yeast spores from the orchard up the road or a forgotten bottle of organic juice introducing itself into your wort. Using an autoclave on your glassware and other tools puts you a step above the food service standard. But stove-top autoclaves are a pain to use, and can be dangerous. In contrast to these old-fashioned pressure cookers, a modern tabletop autoclave is safe and easy to operate, with guaranteed results every time.

Secure Flavor

Modern tabletop research-grade sterilizers like a Priorclave Compact 40 offer all the quality of medical-grade autoclaves in an energy-efficient appliance with a low total lifetime cost. Your brewery – and glassware – will benefit from advanced functions, like vacuum and pulsed free steaming cycles, which assure good steam penetration and dry finished loads. Full programmability and expanded memory modules make it easy to design custom cycles for each task and run them with one-touch convenience.

Safety and Simplicity

Safety first. Priorclave doors are fitted with thermal pressure interlocks, as well as Redundant Safety Gates that allow potential residual pressure to safely escape before the door can be fully opened. All front-loaded models are fitted with non-tip shelves.

One-touch operation vastly reduces the possibility of human error. All Priorclave tabletop autoclaves include a flexible, fully programmable control system – even the smallest tabletop units. Programmed cycles are activated at the push of a button, while program modifications are protected to prevent anyone from inadvertently altering a validated cycle.

Installation can be as easy as setting the unit in place and plugging it into a standard wall outlet – no plumber or electrician required. In their ‘Plug ‘n Play’ configuration, the 40 and 60 liter tabletop autoclaves are a lot like coffee makers.

Starting the appliance really is as simple as closing the door and pushing a button. There is no need to enroll your employees in an elaborate training program to prepare them to operate these tabletop autoclaves.

Free Lifetime Customer Support

These table-top units are plug-and-play simple, but Priorclave North America still offers lifetime consultation and support with remote diagnostics for every unit. Our customer support team is eager to offer advice on best practices, sterilizer procedures, load and cycle validation, and specific techniques for various load types.

Click here for details on our 24/7 customer support promise.