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100 Autoclaves and Counting!

Photo of new Priorclave install at E Green Americas

Five years ago we set out on a mission: to deliver the best laboratory autoclaves and services in North America.

Today, we’re proud to announce we’ve completed an important milestone in that journey: our 100th North American installation at E Green Americas in Plymouth, Minnesota.


We achieved this goal while maintaining a 100% Customer Satisfaction rating. How many companies, inside or outside the lab autoclave market, can make that claim?

Along the way, we’ve certainly learned a lot: the North American market was desperate for a reliable product, at a fair price; but even more important, a customer service team who actually answered phone calls (and e-mails!). We discovered that our greatest opportunity was simply to stand behind our product.

Today, Priorclave North America installations reach from the Forestry and Agrifoods Agency in Newfoundland to the Department of Public Health & Social Services in sunny Guam…

…and everywhere in-between. Priorclave customers not only cook media, glassware, and waste, but also destruct test dental instruments and bullet proof vests. Priorclaves have escaped the university biology department, and now operate in high schools, breweries, and even greenhouses.

We’ve also seen our customers put Priorclaves to the test — running more than 1,000 cycles per year — without a factory service contract. Our customer service message, “We make our customers as self-sufficient as they want to be!” has made a strong impact on the market.

Our customers not only appreciate that we offer some of the most sophisticated control systems on the market, and a rugged industry-exclusive “research grade” design, but also one of the most energy and water efficient lab sterilizers on the planet, as evidenced by an energy study recently completed by the University of California, Riverside.

But we’re not half as excited about saving our customers money as we are to think about what you might do with the surplus budget, especially in the fields of education and research.

This year we’ll be rolling out new and even larger products, including our recently introduced Internet cycle charting and monitoring product, powered by Jellybean.

Pictorial example of online monitoring tool

Our plan is to continue to shake-up this industry to better serve the people who are curing disease, teaching the children, defending the planet, and brewing great beer! Stay tuned!