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Matching Food, Beverage, and Tobacco with Quality Autoclaves for Reliable Quality Control

Photo of Nicotiana tabacum, tobacco plant

Tobacco is taking a hit in both US and EU markets as governments move to increase regulations. First, the US Food and Drug Administration came out with a potential plan to dramatically reduce the nicotine level of cigarettes.  Four months later, the EU announced new track-and-trace regulations for European tobacco manufacturers in an effort to combat cigarette smuggling, which is currently skimming about 9% of the market in Europe.

Lessoning the Blow of Increased Regulation

These changes will cost the tobacco industry—everything from stock values to the infrastructure to develop and maintain the tracking system. British American Tobacco has been working on their tracking system for three years, but the latest news throws a wrench in the works by allowing each country to devise their own 50-character code.

With this cavalcade of changes, compliance is going to be more work than usual and quality control testing more important than ever.  Priorclave aims to match every client—including British American Tobacco, a Priorclave customer—with the last autoclave they\’ll ever need.  Instead of mass-producing “best fit” units, Priorclave builds every autoclave to order.  The result is a robust, easy-to-use autoclave: fully programmable (even pre-loaded with your ideal cycles), straightforward maintenance, and absolute minimization of water and energy use.  You’ll have more reliable, predictable results from your QC lab, freeing up time and resources needed to cut through ever more red tape.

[Photo credit: Andreas Rockstein, CC BY-SA 2.0]