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Another Win for Sustainable (and Affordable) Research Lab Design

ACT Label for sustainable lab design and purchasing

It’s been a great year for our friends at My Green Lab and their ACT Label!  The ACT Label provides lab managers others involved in research lab design and procurement with critical specifics about the environmental impact of laboratory products, as well as an easy-to-compare numerical summary, the “Environmental Impact Factor” (a lower EIF number means lower environmental impact). We’re confident that when researchers, lab designers, and admins can compare the true costs of their options, they’ll chose equipment that sustainably gets the job done—which is why we\’re so pleased to see My Green Labs (a leader in sustainable lab design) gaining momentum.

The Power of Lab Procurement in Sustainable Lab Design

Back in March the ACT label was recognized by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), which aims to improve building standards and help organizations more easily reach their sustainability and LEED-complaint green building goals. Then in May My Green Lab earned a Public Interest Advocacy Leadership Award  from the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC).

“The winners of these Awards,” SPLC CEO Sam Hummel explains, “have each demonstrated their commitment to leadership in sustainable purchasing.  Collectively, they focus the powerful purchasing influence of organizations—in public and private sectors alike—to advance a socially just, ecologically robust, and economically prosperous future. The winners of SPLC’s Leadership Awards exemplify, encourage, and support a constructive cycle of innovation that will define the global marketplace of tomorrow.”

“It is an honor to be recognized by SPLC for our work,” says My Green Lab executive director Allison Paradise. “This award affirms the power and potential of the ACT label to transform procurement in the life sciences.”

Priorclave is pleased to have been an early ACT Label adopter and booster—and double pleased to see Allison’s efforts rewarded.

“From the start, sustainability has been at the core of Priorclave North America,” explains Priorclave CEO Barbra Wells.  “It’s been so rewarding to work with Allison and My Green Labs over the years, and we’re delighted to see this important work being recognized more broadly.”