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Priorclave: The Original Programmable Research-Grade Autoclave

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Life sciences and medical research and development are notoriously “recession-proof” in North America. Current forecasts from Deloitte, Mordor Intelligence, Azoth Analytics, and others project that various research sectors will continue to see anywhere from 6 to 21 percent annual growth over the coming decade. It’s no surprise that many traditional medical autoclave manufacturers are looking to capitalize on these trends—and their recognizable brand names—by getting into the research-grade autoclave market.

As we’ve explained in the past, many traditional medical-grade autoclave manufacturers get their feet wet with research autoclaves by rebranding their smaller “low-cost” tabletop dental/clinic autoclaves as “research sterilizers.”

Unfortunately, building medical autoclaves—even the best in the biz—doesn’t qualify you to make a good research autoclave. According to our customers, many of the autoclaves from these medical-grade sterilizer companies spend as much time being serviced as they do being used for research. Meanwhile, the first Priorclave steam autoclave ever built is still in operation today, thirty years later.

Real Research Autoclaves are Really Reliable

Priorclave knows a few things about building the toughest autoclaves on the planet. A reliable research-grade autoclave starts with a straightforward, time-tested design:

  • a cylindrical pressure vessel
  • an absolute minimization of moving parts and wear points
  • high-quality, standardized components that are easy to service and source
  • high-quality construction

While most manufacturers only offer a 10-year pressure vessel warranty, Priorclave guarantee vessels for 20 years. Priorclave doesn’t offer “entry-level” autoclaves or “economical” models: from our smallest tabletop sterilizer to the largest custom autoclaves, every unit has the same build quality, the same steel for their ASME-stamped vessels, the same fully programmable control system, and the same lifetime 24/7 technical support at no additional charge.

We stay in touch with every Priorclave user, advising them on how to leverage the flexibility of their research autoclave. The result: As of 2016, 100% of our customers have rated their Priorclave as “satisfactory” or above, while 27% are “delighted”—and that rating goes up the longer they’ve had their Priorclave.