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How Medical Equipment Specialists Can Make Research Labs Happy

Everyone’s busy these days. Lab and facility managers are increasingly turning to medical equipment specialists and suppliers for advice on big ticket items. Your clients want a good value in […]

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What Universities Get Wrong About Their Lab Autoclave

University facility managers often contact us with an odd request: They need an affordable, efficient lab autoclave for a research facility—but they say that autoclave will need to run nearly […]

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The Power of LEED

Your LEED certification is the beginning, not the end, of laboratory sustainability. Coming off our sponsorship of I2SL, the Priorclave NA team is all the more committed to ensuring that […]

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Priorclave at Medlab 2018

Priorclave Highlights Versatile Front-loading Autoclave at Medlab Whether for use in research or general laboratory applications, the performance and build quality of the Priorclave QCS range of front loading autoclaves […]

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Top Loading Autoclaves for Labs on a Budget

The QCS EV 100 litre top loading autoclave is among the most space-efficient sterilisers available and will appeal to lab managers for their superior loading capability. They easily accommodate the […]

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Sterilizing Prion-Contaminated Waste in Just 11 E-Z Steps!

Any facility regularly handling prions needs a good sterilization protocol. Reliable sources suggest the following minimum inactivation protocol for prion-exposed items: Carefully place prion-contaminated item in appropriate autoclave waste bag […]

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