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Priorclave push back the frontiers in North America

Here at Priorclave we’ve recently had the pleasure of a welcome visit from the President of our sister organisation in North America, Bernie Youngblood – accompanied by his family – to see how we do things this side of the pond. It was great getting to know them all better and squeeze in a bit of sightseeing between business.

Priorclave is introducing a new build line for producing steam sterilisers compliant with ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards. It puts the company in an extremely strong position to increase penetration into America, especially North America where ASME certification is paramount, building on its already established global sales success.

In order to earn ASME certification a manufacturer undergoes a rigorous appraisal process, during which third-party inspectors examine and verify every step in the organisational, manufacturing and quality-assurance processes. Any device bearing the ASME stamp has been independently verified to fully conform to the stringent design, construction and testing standards of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

During the past 12 months engineers and QA professionals at Priorclave’s manufacturing plant have worked tirelessly to ensure the company’s products can comply with the new standards. The new production facility enables Priorclave to build autoclaves compliant with ASME standards, alongside those that satisfy the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

Commenting, Tony Collins, Managing Director of Priorclave says, “For 25 years we have supplied sterilisers throughout the world; our new production facility will undoubtedly see a significant growth of our global sales. I very much suspect we are now probably the best manufacturer of laboratory autoclave pressure vessels in Europe.”

Spearheading the sales drive into North America is Priorclave North America, formed 2 years ago to develop potential into America. The new advanced manufacturing line will produce steam sterilisers that include 40 and 60 litre benchtop autoclaves as well as 100, 150 and 200 litres top and front loading sterilisers.

Bernie Youngblood said of the range, “We are very excited to bring these steam sterilizers to North America. This range of research-grade autoclaves is simply unparalleled in reliability, efficiency and suitability to research and university labs. I have no doubt Priorclave’s laboratory sterilisers will make a dramatic contribution to American biological research.”