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More to Autoclave Support from Priorclave

The lengths to which Priorclave goes in ensuring purchasers of their brand of top quality laboratory autoclaves always achieve effective and efficient sterilising potential becomes clear when viewing a new Service Video launched by the company this month.

Apart from a quality and robust build programme the video highlights how through careful planning the lifetime for an autoclave can be very much extended – this can significantly reduce overall ownership costs; Priorclave has many autoclaves still performing extremely well some 20 years after manufacture.

“We value our customers highly,” says Will Farrell, Priorclave Service Manager, “therefore our dedicated service support team, all factory-trained and regularly updated on product developments, are always on hand to provide expert advice and respond quickly to any queries over autoclave performance.”

Whether visiting a site for routine service, as part of a planned maintenance programme or in response to an unexpected problem, Priorclave engineers arrive in fully equipped vehicles and are ready to carry out all aspects of mechanical and electrical servicing.

The video gives a brief overview of the pre-defined multi-point test procedures that are carried out to confirm the correct operation and performance of the laboratory autoclave. The video also gives a sneak preview of a corner in Priorclave’s UKAS accredited calibration laboratory, here test equipment used by the service engineers is guaranteed and verified for accuracy. In addition to being one of Britain’s largest laboratory autoclave design and manufacturing centres Priorclave is also able to undertake UKAS Performance Qualifications and provide accredited certificates. This gives customers confidence in performance and reliability of a Priorclave. View it here…. ►