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An Enjoyable Afternoon?

For William Farrell, Service Manager at Priorclave, this weekend sees the culmination of twelve months dedicated fitness training come to fruition as he takes part in his first Ironman Outlaw Triathlon event which covers a gruelling 140 miles.

At 6am, this Sunday the 27th July, he will leave the Nottingham National Water Sports Centre to compete in what has become one of Britain’s favourite one day endurance challenges combining a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and finally a 26.2 mile run.

He hopes to complete the event in less than 12 hours – tune in here to see how William fares The second phase of the event is the only part where ‘man’ has contact with machine – in the shape of a bicycle.

And to ensure that Will has the very best opportunity to tackle the roads around Nottingham which offer great surfaces for fast riding and only the odd short climb his employer, Priorclave, has sponsored the build of this purpose designed bicycle. The bespoke bicycle build was started by William some 6 months ago and with sponsorship from Priorclave he has been able to acquire some of the finest components available. It is a Carbon frames Time Trial bike complete with Carbon wheels.

As he completes this bicycle stage 114.4 miles will have gone, there is only the 26.2 mile road run. Since September 2013 Will has been concentrating on building a base for endurance and technique to ensure he is well equipped to compete in the Outlaw Triathlon. Will understands the meaning of dedication and adhering to regular training since he is a member of the Ashford Tri Club and an approved Triathlon coach. At this year’s event he will be joined by four fiends from the same club. His work colleagues at Priorclave wish him the very best of luck – could they be joining him in next year’s triathlon?