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Laboratory Autoclave Video Looks at the Priorclave Brand

The Priorclave brand of laboratory autoclaves is all about delivery and this truly comes across in a new short two minute video.

Buying a Priorclave autoclave could be a unique experience, delivering the very best choice – steam sterilisers built to meet customers specific requirements in terms of sterilising performance, machines that physically fit the available spaces, assurances of guaranteed reliability, a build programme with the toughest QA procedures, on-site installation as well as expert help and support right from that initial enquiry, throughout the whole buying process and beyond.

The new video draws attention to the Company’s in-house design and build capability that has resulted in the development of more than 60 standard sterilisers. This most comprehensive selection of autoclave is highlighted, featuring compact benchtop machines, top and front loading autoclaves as well as power door and double-door designs.

For the vast majority of applications, a model from the comprehensive standard range is bound to meet most user needs, however, when standard will not do, the in-house design team turn their attention to developing that unique laboratory autoclave. As the video shows, the big advantage of investing in the Priorclave brand is that people acquire an autoclave that offers strength in design, both in terms of the actual build and the technological innovations that have created the most reliable and some of the finest laboratory autoclaves. View it here….►