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Collect Impartial Guide to Autoclave Purchasing at Medica 2015

The Autoclave Knowledge Bank Check Book, sponsored by British research and laboratory autoclave manufacturer Priorclave, is an impartial guide and insight into some of the key factors that could help you make the right choice when making that all important next autoclave purchase.

Visitors to stand EO2, Hall 1 will be able to collect their FREE copy. The Autoclave Knowledge has been produced to help you make the right choice and make informed decisions when considering your next laboratory autoclave. A few minutes reading the Autoclave Knowledge Bank check book could save your company time and money.

This booklet will guide you through some of the key points to consider and should help in narrowing down your choices – autoclave style (from benchtop, top and front loading, pass-through) chamber style (cylindrical or rectangular), heating source, etc. The Autoclave Knowledge Bank check book outlines reasoning for vacuum autoclaves, why choose steam jacketed autoclaves, water condition, hygiene and environment issues, recording keeping and proving sterilisation as well as position and installation.