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Less Floor Space for 100 litre Autoclave

The QCS 100 front-loading laboratory autoclave is the perfect choice for laboratories wanting a more compact, economically priced 100 litre capacity autoclave. Featuring the largest cylindrical chamber diameter (500mm) for this capacity of steam steriliser has enabled Priorclave to produce an autoclave with a much smaller overall footprint.

It gives laboratories the opportunity to have installed the QCS100 where other designs are often too large. It makes the Priorclave QCS 100 laboratory autoclave the perfect choice for any lab manager or technician, anywhere in the world, looking for a more compact, economically priced 100 litre capacity autoclave.

It also boasts several safety features including a single-handed, door opening mechanism that only releases when temperatures and pressures are at pre-set safe levels. The door is also fitted with a tough silicone seal that, with its extended life, ensures an air-tight seal every time for the ultimate in steam sterilization. With a low loading height, wide door swing allowing easy loading of heavy loads from a trolley, advanced programming for simple to more complex sterilising tasks, effective use of power and water plus superb operator safety standards the QCS100 is one of the safest and most efficient autoclaves available.

Precise control of the sterilizing process is made easy using single push-buttons on the Tactrol®2 microprocessor control panel. One touch controls enable the user to step through settings of temperature and time in accordance with best practices for specified loads. In addition to guiding laboratory personnel through the simple programming, the intuitive Tactrol®2 microprocessor also keeps a log of the sterilizing cycle data such as temperature, pressure and time. Held in an archive file, this information can be subsequently downloaded for analysing and sharing, as needed.

There is also a secure key-lock switch which governs access to parameter settings, the benefits of manual key-switch make accessing each different level much simpler and faster. To help prevent cross contamination in a laboratory the QCS 100 autoclave incorporates epoxy coated panels and frame members treated with an antimicrobial agent that is effective against many bacteria and fungi including MRSA, E.coli, Listeria, Legionella, Campylobacter, Salmonella and Pseudomonas. The QCS front- loading autoclaves will appeal to laboratory managers in diverse industrial sectors such as food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, education, and healthcare. It is also ideal for researchers that prepare media and sterilize liquids, waste, glassware, instruments, and apparati. … ends [pro ref: 86 / 0179]