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Priorclave Sponsors University SURF Award

First Prize in the SURF 2015 awards sponsored by laboratory autoclave manufacturer Priorclave went to Aman Majid from the Chemical and Biological Engineering department of Sheffield University.

SURF, the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, run by the University of Sheffield, has the objective of enhancing employability and research skills of current students upon graduation. Students are required to submit an application which comprises a research proposal and interview, engaging in laboratory work, oral presentations as well as a poster presentation. They presented their work at a symposium attended by parents, students and staff with prizes awarded for the best overall presentation, prizes sponsored by Priorclave and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The SURF programme was led by Dr Tuck Seng Wong, a lecturer in Biological Engineering. He was delighted that the event, which helps prepare student for future placements, gained recognition and sponsorship from key organisations in the scientific sector.

This year’s prize winners were: First prize – Aman Majid – sponsored by Priorclave Second Prize – Adam Canner – sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific

After the events, the first prize winner Aman spoke of his SURF experience: “I worked alongside Dr Maria Val Martin to investigate the air quality impacts from the hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’ industry. It was an exciting and unique project with a very steep learning curve. It introduced me to topics beyond my degree in Chemical Engineering, such as atmospheric science, satellite observations and computer programming. My work on the project led me to receive the ‘Best Student Researcher’ award, which was sponsored by Priorclave.”

The SURF programme has been the highlight of my academic and professional career so far as not only have I developed greatly through it, but it has also helped me firm my postgraduate career decisions. I would highly recommend the programme to all students.” Aman’s research also gained him interest of the aerosols’ group at NASA. As a result, he was invited to present his project and results at the AeroCenter Seminar Series during a visit to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in the U.S.