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New CEO for Priorclave North America


Leading autoclave specialist Priorclave is delighted to announce their appointment of Barbra Wells as President and CEO to head up its American operation. She joined the North American organisation three years ago, predominantly in a marketing role and has been instrumental in driving the growth of the company in the States.

For this leading British autoclave design and manufacturing specialist Priorclave, America is rapidly becoming one of its major overseas success stories. For cultural, regulatory, and practical reasons, North America had proven a challenging market, however during more recent years Priorclave North America has been instrumental in overcoming these obstacles and educating customers as to the notable savings they can gain-in reduced energy, water, and maintenance costs-by adopting a proper research-grade laboratory autoclave. Priorclave’s cylindrical laboratory and research autoclave ranges, built to ASME standard in the UK factory, are in particular achieving considerable attention in the States due to their over efficiencies.

Commenting Barbra says, ““The US continues to be a strong market for the Priorclave brand of autoclaves because our ‘on-demand’ steam sterilizers are designed for research laboratories, not 24-hour medical operation. Much of our success revolves around the reliability, sustainability, and flexibility of these leading British designed autoclaves. These are overriding benefits that drive our success because laboratory budgets are an issue here in America, particularly in the education sector where every dollar is counted.“ Barbra is delighted and eager to take the helm of a company that’s leading the way in lab efficiency in North America.