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New Autoclave Ranges at Medica 2023

This week (13th to 16th November 2023), Priorclave is at Medica in the Gambica Pavilion, Stand 1F03-1. It provides this British, dedicated laboratory autoclave specialist to highlight the recent changes to its product ranges.

New ranges of Base, Smart and Performance now offer customers more choices of standard laboratory and research grade autoclaves. Not only more autoclaves, each range now provides more benefits.  It simplifies the opportunity to invest, more easily and more simply, finding an economical solution that matches sought-after sterilizing requirements from standard machines. The Priorclave brand is one of the most sought brands that is renowned for better sterilizing performance, greater reliability, and long-term durability.

There is a wide choice of sterilizers, from benchtop, top-loading, front loading with cylindrical or rectangular chambers and pass-through designs. Priorclave can provide standard chamber capacities from 40 to 750 litres, each autoclave featuring the very latest Tactrol®3 controller.  Seen as an important feature is the fact the external panels incorporate an anti-bacteria coating, thus helping to prevent cross contamination in the lab.

All laboratory and research grade autoclaves are designed and manufactured by Priorclave in its dedicated autoclave production facility based in South-East London. From here the company has created a global presence, shipping and supporting autoclave applications worldwide.

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