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New Autoclave Groups at Medlab

The approach that Priorclave has brought to the structure of its new autoclave groups will make it far easier for customers to select the best autoclave-match for their specific sterilising application. Details of the new research grade laboratory autoclaves will be available on stand Z1 – B40 at the forthcoming Medlab 2022* exhibition.

Visitors to the Priorclave stand Z1-B40 will be some of the first to have the opportunity to discuss the impact this autoclave development programme will have on future sterilisers sourcing and buying.  There are three core research grade laboratory autoclave groups and within each group there are several models, each offering more features and benefits than previously available standard.

There are three research-grade laboratory autoclave groups, Base, Smart and Performance.

Priorclave’s BASE range covers “the basics”: media preparation, waste loads, and sterilizing loose instruments, open containers, and labware. These high-efficiency cylindrical-chamber front-loading tabletop autoclaves are well suited to smaller research, quality assurance, and teaching labs. Easy maintenance and light resource consumption help ensure a low lifetime cost of ownership.

The SMART range is ideal for industrial, research, and production labs and facilities with greater or more diverse needs. They adeptly handle standard tasks (e.g., media prep, waste loads, labware) but can also produce drier loads and more reliably handle complex loads that tend to trap air. Ideal for mixed waste, biological waste, pathogen-heavy materials, cloth and textile sterilization, soil and substrate preparation, wrapped instruments, and porous loads. These sterilizers feature fully customizable cycles (with expanded memory), pre-cycle and post-cycle vacuum, integrated cooling and freesteaming, and air intake filtration.

PERFORMANCE autoclaves are designed for high-throughput operation (i.e., more than four complete cycles each day) and are especially adept at challenging loads and items. These steam/ water-jacketed sterilisers are fast to heat and fast to cool. They produce drier loads more quickly and reliably and at lower cost than many comparable sterilisers, allowing even modest labs access to the highest capacity and performance steam autoclaves available.

Overall, the company will continue to produce small benchtop models from 40L capacity to the larger 850L capacity chamber free-standing. Each model will incorporate the very latest version of Tactrol®, a microprocessor controller developed by Priorclave for easier programming of sterilising cycles.

Autoclave models in the new ranges will still appeal to the same diverse customer base involved in food and drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agriculture, education, healthcare and research establishments. And they will continue to offer a superior anti-microbial exterior finish to body panels and frames. This is a highly effective and permanent treatment for lifelong control of harmful bacteria and protection against the threat of cross contamination. This tough special epoxy finish is proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and is highly effective against MRSA, E.coli, Listeria, Legionella, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Pseudomonas and over fifty other species.

Priorclave is renowned for the build quality of its steam sterilisers, their durability and reliability. The high standards maintained at every stage of production ensures the operational longevity of every research grade laboratory autoclave that leaves the UK manufacturing centre. And all supported by first class before and after sales, technical support.

Priorclave can assure customers that the level of dedication applied to achieving what is considered the best autoclave build and program functionality will be maintained through the new autoclave ranges.

*Medlab 20221 – Dubai World Trade Centre.                               * Dates: 24th to 27th January 2022

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