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Explore Sustainable Labs with Priorclave at Medlab 2024

Join Us February 5-8, Dubai World Trade Center, Booth Z3.A19

The Priorclave Ltd team is looking forward to the 2024 Medlab Middle East trade show, once again, in the Dubai World Trade Center this February. For more than 20 years, Medlab Middle East has been the MENA region’s largest medical laboratory research event, annually bringing together the global laboratory community under one roof. Now in its 23rd year, Medlab expects to host 30,000 attendees this year, with more than 900 exhibitors and innovators from 40+ countries.

This year, Priorclave’s team will be showcasing all three of their steam autoclave ranges. Equipment dealers and service support leaders are encouraged to drop by booth Z3.A19, discuss sustainable lab operations, and learn about the latest developments in advanced, robust, and extremely efficient lab autoclaves.

An Efficient Autoclave for Every Lab

Priorclave is pleased to continue to offer three autoclave ranges, each customisable to meet the unique demands of any lab without compromising on the fundamentals: safety, reliability, and sustainability.

  • The Base range covers “the basics”—standard lab work (including media preparation), waste loads, and the like. These autoclaves are available in both cylindrical and rectangular models, ranging from small benchtop models to large pass-thru autoclaves.
  • The Smart range of sterilisers are vacuum-equipped for greater flexibility. They can handle a wider range of loads (including mixed loads), produce drier loads, and offer expanded programming functions. These are available in both cylindrical and rectangular models, sized for any lab.
  • The Performance range are mid-sized and larger sterilisers optimised for “power users.” All models are steam-jacketed and vacuum-equipped, ready to handle more load types, more loads per day, and produce dryer loads more quickly.

Currently, there are more than 70 standard Priorclave autoclave models to choose from, including vertical top-loading and horizontal chamber models, with capacities from 40 to 700 liters. Each model incorporates the very latest version of our fully programmable and customisable control system, developed by Priorclave for easier programming of sterilising cycles and one-touch operation (minimising the potential for human error).

See You in Dubai!

“We’re once again looking forward to the upcoming Medlab exhibition in Dubai,” says Priorclave’s Export Manager, Josh Walker. “It’s always one of the most successful shows we attend. Medlab provides an excellent opportunity to showcase our products in the global market. Our partners come to reconnect, so we use this as an opportunity to refresh them on our product range and latest developments. Ranjit Rai, our service manager, will be in attendance to offer advice, technical insights, and support.”

Interested in learning about new strategies to increase your lab’s sustainability and resiliency? Come see the Priorclave team at Medlab 2024 in the Dubai World Trade Center, February 5 through 8, Booth Z3.A19.
Can’t make it this year? No worries: you can reach us whenever you’re ready.