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New Autoclave Product Guide from Priorclave

For laboratory managers undecided on the best autoclave for their next purchase a new 16 page brochure just released by Priorclave is a must read. It introduces the Company’s complete […]

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Priorclave Sponsors Local Performing Arts Group

With support from local business, Abbey Wood based dance and performing arts group Theatre Street Performing Arts now has the opportunity to be represented at next month’s Destination Dance competition. […]

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Laboratory Autoclave Video Looks at the Priorclave Brand

The Priorclave brand of laboratory autoclaves is all about delivery and this truly comes across in a new short two minute video. Buying a Priorclave autoclave could be a unique […]

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Priorclave Sponsors Youth Football Team

Finalists in this year’s Chelmsford Youth League Cup Final, the Elite Colts under 9’s youth football team, have received a welcome boost to their match and training equipment with a […]

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Autoclave Design a Long Runner

**Proven Autoclave Design a Long Runner** Top-loading laboratory autoclaves are the longest serving stalwarts of the Priorclave steam steriliser range, a 100 litre model being the first produced and to […]

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Mycology Laboratory Equipment and Techniques: Pasteurising Mushroom Substrates via “Cold Sterilisation”

“Cold sterilisation” is a perennial hot topic when it comes to sterilising and pasteurising mushroom substrates. This chemical-based process (usually using low-magnesium hydrated lime) seems like a “best of both […]

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Propagation and Tissue Culture Labs—in Guyana and Beyond

Over the past decade plant tissue culture has been among the primary focuses of biotechnology in Guyana. This has largely been led by the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute […]

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Building Biotech Capacity in Guyana and the Global South

The Global South is playing an increasingly important role in the world economy. For example, while the Global South as a whole was only responsible for around 25% of total […]

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Grain Sterilisation for Mushroom Cultivation

Grain sterilisation is vital to mushroom cultivation. Grain isn’t just a good high-nutrient addition to bulk substrates like sawdust or wood pellets. It’s also an ideal base for producing mushroom […]

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Addressing Difficulties in Post-Pandemic Manufacturing World

The world is three years into a global pandemic. We’ve seen stunning examples of professional dedication, international cooperation, and medical advancement over the last several years. But we’ve also had […]

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Training at Medlab

Priorclave Gives Distributor Training at Medlab exhibition During the recent Medlab exhibition, Ranjit Rai, service manager at Priorclave, took the opportunity to provide a series of training sessions to bring […]

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