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Education Is Our Best Defense

Nobody likes sloppy science. At best, results are untrustworthy; at worst, they can be deadly. It was revealed earlier this year that a US Army lab was improperly irradiating anthrax spores. These bioterror research facilities then shipped what was later revealed to be live anthrax spores to research labs all over the world.

Anthrax is notoriously difficult to deactivate, but it is clear that poor methodology was a major factor. This is precisely why all Priorclave products are built-to-order, and all factory installations offer Operator, Safety, and Validation training. We make a point of gaining an in-depth understanding of our customers’ sterilization needs so that we can tailor a solution that’s reliable, flexible, and easy to use properly. Our free, lifetime technical support isn’t just for problems — we will consult with you on sterilization procedures, cycle validation, and best practices for your specific applications.

[photo credit: CDC’s Public Health Image Library #2226.]