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The Culture of Safety Starts With Good Training

We applaud the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) and the White House for taking initiative to close gaps in biosafety and biosecurity at infectious disease laboratories. A memorandum released October 2015 details how and when individual government agencies will implement the recommended changes.

But are these enough? Based on our years of experience with autoclave operation and design, and the realities of making safe pathogenic laboratory waste, we firmly believe that this Culture of Safety must include training techs in best practices, cycle validation, and worst case scenario load testing. Techs are at ground zero for infectious disease research, and these rigorous processes are the key to both confidence and safety.

For our part, Priorclave North America provides free lifetime technical support and consultation for every unit we sell. If a tech is unsure about a cycle, we want them to know they can turn to us and our large body of experience for answers. Our autoclaves are already used in mobile military ebola clinics and other dangerous pathogen research labs. Delivery and installation of a Priorclave sterilizer is the beginning, not the conclusion, of our commitment to our clients.