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Opt in for Safety with a Research-grade Tabletop Autoclave

We like to assume that if we haven’t heard about a food safety problem, that’s because no problem exists.  Unfortunately, in the absence of rigorous testing, we simply have no idea how safe our food supply is — and there are plenty of examples of unsafe food handling, once you go looking.  Consider the example of a “pioneer in the premium juice category” who, the US Army discovered, opted not to do end-product testing on their unpasteurized juice in 1996. Later that year an E. coli outbreak traced back to their contaminated apple juice killed one child and sickened over 60 others.

This event is one of the many reasons food safety expert and lawyer Bill Marler won’t drink unpasteurized milk or juice. Thirty years of experience has taught him that between lack of oversight by the FDA, lack of accountability by the food manufacturers, and the health impact of contracting a virulent pathogen, the risks are too high.

Priorclave supports every food and beverage manufacturer who has decided to distinguish themselves by fully embracing food safety.  We’ve worked with manufacturers and processors to place high-performance research-grade tabletop sterilizers in their quality control and production facilities.  Let’s work to make sure that consumer confidence is based on high-quality and food safety, not fancy labels and catchy slogans.

[Photo credit: William Ismael, CC BY 2.0]