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Curbing Climate Change: Having the Resolve to Use the Technology

Photograph of factory emissions

In late April the Wall Street Journal reported that 175 countries had signed the Paris Agreement. These nations (which include Canada, Mexico, and the United States) are committing themselves to keeping global average temperature increase well below 2°C, and supporting technology that increases climate resilience and decreases greenhouse gas emissions (without threatening food production).  Most importantly, the treaty includes a commitment to make money consistently flow towards these goals.

It may be considered self-serving for Priorclave North America to get behind this movement — after all, efficient lab autoclaves are our business.  That said, we didn\’t get into this business by accident: Our product has the potential to save our customers 550,000 gallons of water and 28,000 kWH of energy every single year.  We are very pleased to know we offer so many labs the opportunity to affordably reduce the load their work places on the environment.

As Secretary of State John Kerry noted at the signing, “None of what we have to achieve is be­yond our tech­ni­cal ca­pa­bil­ity. The only ques­tion is, is it be­yond our col­lec­tive re­solve?”

[Photo credit: Gerald Simmons, CC BY 2.0]