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Genetically Modified Food: The Good, the Bad, and the Scientific

Picture of soybean pods

Many promises are made about genetically modified (GM) food, but the facts still wait to be proven — either way. For example, GM soybean oil was touted as healthier, but a joint study by UC Riverside and UC Davis demonstrated that these claims were marginal at best: Results indicate that GM soybean oil is just as unhealthy for mice and people as regular soybean oil, except for one difference: reduced insulin resistance.

Scientists Call for GM Food Regulation

Genetic engineering is a tool that is not inherently good or bad; its moral value is derived from how it’s used. The US needs to regulate GM food to improve both perception and potential safety issues. Although labeling drives up costs, it is a necessary step to improve tracking to gather results on public health impact.

Plant biology scientists at UC Riverside and UC Davis are among those working to make genetic engineering a tool for positive change in the American food system. Their goals aren’t merely increased profit and yield. These Priorclave customers want to see better regulation for GM food in order to improve consumer confidence and American health. If you find yourself on a similar trajectory, we’re eager to connect and help you get more good done with less work.

[Photo credit: United Soybean Board, CC BY 2.0]